Wrong Name.

by Sahiba Badal, 2nd Jul, 2019
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You said your parents probably named you wrong because your name means both diamond and poison. 

And for a long time now you have been feeling that you are only poison. 

"There is no good left in me", you said. 

You said you used to wonder, growing up, what turned children into monsters. How bad did life go for them.

"But I probably understand now", you said. It isn't their fault. They are the victims of their destiny, you said. They are to keep the balance. 

You said nothing bad happened to you and yet you are becoming a monster. You said you have no faith left in yourself.

It was the last conversation we had over phone and after that you would reply to my texts saying you need to be alone to figure out what you wanted.

Two months later when your family found your body in your room they wanted an explanation but all they found was a little note that said,

Ammi, you probably named me wrong. 

/Sahiba Badal

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