by Abdul Khaqan, 3rd May, 2020
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what a beautiful word it is, and what would the would be without it. a woman, a good one is what it takes to built,transform,improve the society. every one has heard the proverb, "give me a good mother and i will give you a good nation". and it turns out mother is a women. While creating women, Almighty Allah was working late on the 6th day when an Angel came by and said "WHY SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON HER"? and our Lord answered "HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THE SPECIFICATIONS I HAVE TO MEET TO SHAPE HER? which clearly shows the value and importance of women in our religion and our society. it is clear, you are a real man only if you respect a women and there is no way around. let our topic end by saying "a society is as good as the womens in it." as the conversation between Allah and the Angel ended by Allah saying "SHE HAS JUST ONE DRAWBACK; SHE OFTEN FORGETS WHAT SHE IS WORTH."
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