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by Aqib Mir, 6th Jul, 2019
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Most importantly, is how you feed the content to your mind...

   The one undeniable yet not usually precedent gossip is the amount of data we unnecessarily put in our minds. The part is our common interaction stage i.e, social media that is mostly filled and handled with the people with pessimistic  and polluting approach.

   " SUCCESS is mere occasion of process, what matters is how you treat yourself and how you treat others with it" Oprah Winfrey. 

  The words have always been an influence, and they way you treat people is the degree and the raw quality of context your mind is fed with. The quality of your attitude is reflected by the degree of your imagination. Optimism denies your weak aspect of opinion and favors the touch that every-how things and situations can be created out of best by your mere performance in the way you want it to be resulted, no matter how exclusive the results you may think are..

  Trust me when i say miracles happen coz' they are believed in, and are believed by most of us to happen in the moments rare in times and in times we don't judge them to expect them to be, but what in if we trust them be there where we work and help miracles to happen and to act for us, the energy it will pull up would carry one the universe and far..

   "Trust miracles are mere occasions if you only know they have to happen to you, that you deserve them as much as they exist" AQIB MIR

 until next words... bybye

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