Thorns of the Ocean

by Faheem Rashid, 1st Apr, 2020
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100 on 100 and still scoring…

 The mark of unrest and unsettling situation has crossed century and still seems to have ascendancy in the state. From intellectuals’ point of view, it is quite clear that all these days the state progression rate has been paralyzed. Be it social or economic field the development process has come to a standstill. What seems to be on our gaining side is mass ruination and destruction. What we scooped is amplified sacrifices, martyrs, immolations, crying families and shouting mothers. In so called developing world we neither gained positives, nor we remained constant but we rushed to negatives. What justifies this fact is the net gain that we attained so far. All these protests, deaths, curfews, mass killings, raids, indiscriminate firings, stone pelting, restricting movements led us nowhere. It barely seems to leave any impression on the regime except on the financial aspect regardless of emotions and sufferings. The tourism sector has suffered tremendous loss accompanied by the horticulture department. And this doesn’t remain confine to only these domains in fact every single domain has been bushwhacked by the atrocities prevalent.    There are many other departments that face huge loss these days. Education looks like a music player that has been paused and still looks stuck in the filth. These young minds are for sure being disfigured and wrecked.  What seems to be prevalent is illiteracy and backwardness. 

Students supposedly had to touch skies even go beyond the blues but it looks like they have been nicked in their own houses without study material and the sources for same. In fact, the survival is at halt with the eerie calm the prevails ever since centuries now. It was for approximately 200 days that internet; phone services and basic necessities were barred.

However there has been a positive drift now and improvements have been observed all around the arena. There seems to be traffic in sight, people moving here and there, some shops opened etc. It looks like the life is waiting for a favorable wind in order to come back on track. It was only after 200 days that the figures of death toll crossed the number of days. Yes, the death toll is what leads forward than the days passing by. But still an eerie atmosphere prevails in this paradise. 

When a thread breaks it is quite easy to tie it up back, but a knot remains there forever. It’s impossible to forget this turmoil but let’s just focus on our future without thinking about past and revamp our motherland towards a better living. Let’s unite to transform 

KASHMIR                   TO             KASHMIR            again…

K = Knocked out                     K = Known world wide 

A = Abhorred                              A = Accentuated globally

S = Shattered     S = Sagacious

H = Humiliated          H = Humane

M = Messy              M = Magnificent

I = Insolent                     I = Incredible

R = Ruined             R = Rejoicing

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Raiyan Husain
Interesting piece man!
Saheem Bukhari
This is ❤❤❤
Satish Sohra
abey chup kr beyy. kis do nambri akbaar se utha kr chapanhai
Droning on and on, without any valid point.
Lame. Bullshit
Mansoor Parey
Good dear Faheem....keep it up
I want to go Kashmir🏃🏃. May peace come there again.. 👍
May the force be with you✌🏻
Mir Raafiyah
Allah bless uhh...AMEEN Well said
Malik Anisa
Beautiful write up! Let's hope that all the struggle and disparities we have been facing soon be replaced with tranilquility aameen ya rabb!
N S Noon
I always support the Kashmiris,,,their sufferings touch the heart of any healthy-minded persona,,, But no reppression longs too long, They will overcome one day unitedly✊
DR Faria
well said...ALLAH blss u....
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