The Fall 2k17.

by Faheem Rashid, 22nd Jan, 2021
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The Fall – 2k17.


Faheem Rashid



Those days, autumn welcomed wintry nights

Chilly were the gusts along deserted streets.


Typical were the hours, family dinner was put

Aroma of Korma seeded anorexia, somehow.


Atypical were the reasons, of course, for latter

For, panic-stricken cries, agonized households.


Helpless stood the protectors of family

Petrified was every woman and child.


Screeched in locality, the cries “Braid Choppers”

Strength we girded, somehow, for family’s sake.  


A window creaked, followed some vibrations upstairs

With torches and rods, in fear we stepped on our attic.


To witness playful pigeons, troubled by flashes and shadows

Selfish transfer of uncertainty, so called Sociality, yet again.


Followed it were running footstep, few yards outside main gate

Rushed my dad, to resolve uncertainty, so followed others’ sail.


“Don’t leave me alone” was the voice along the house parking, my mom

Shattered was my psyche to sense fear in her eyes, backbone o’ family.


Been years, the Jhelum flows as of forever. Any fall makes me ponder

Memories still are potent to haunt psyche, for scars are yet very flimsy.  




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