Stars, Moon and Thoughts.

by Nida Noor, 30th Nov, 2021
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As per Google stars are described as "static luminous objects in the night sky that seem to be immense and blazing like the sun” while moon is “ the large round object that shines at night by reflecting light from the sun.”

One shines on it’s own and the other doesn’t.

I've never really been interested in astronomy or the emergence of the baryonic matter, however the existence of stars in the universe has always been treasured by me, initiating with the lullaby "Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky." 

It was the first poem I remembered by heart and was emblazoned on my mind without too much exertion as I've always been drawn to the night sky and the presence of matter that arrive with it.

I was thirteen when I participated in my school's first celestial event. I seemed to have no inkling what it was intended to be, but my teacher guaranteed us that we'd see stars in broad daylight. That piqued my interest, so I stared down at my friend, who was eagerly waiting for the bell to sound. I could tell she wasn't going to come with me just by looking at her face. Regardless, I opted to go all by myself. So I leaped along with all the other attendees, each of whom had their own reasons for attending the event. This was strange to discover that we hailed from different classes, age groups, and families, however the only thing we had in common was stars. Our admiration for the stars.

The event was going to take place in our school hall. I entered the hall and noticed the round silvery dome structure placed in the middle, the fabric of which was perforated with minute pores.  A wide 7-foot tunnel fashioned of the same fabric was affixed to the dome.

We were divided into several groups of 12-15 people, with every group a dedicated team member from the event committee was assigned. After waiting for some time, it was our turn to experience the magic of stars.

I read somewhere that "frission" is a notion you get when you're anxious yet excited. That's exactly how I was feeling. With butterflies swarming around my stomach, I was thrilled to explore the silver tent, which concealed an entirely new realm.


I grasped how precious this day was as I crawled through the 7-foot tunnel. It would have been a typical day, but how bizarre it had suddenly become ! 

To just get captivated in the abyss of twinkling lights, seeking, and recognizing the patterns that cloak the night sky's complexities was beyond my imagination. Our guide escorted us into the silver tent, where we were crammed into a small space. It was pitch black, and the only source of light was the guide's torch. I could hear the whispers coming from the outside while my eyes adjusted to the settings. The tent's canopy was lowered, and tiny little openings permitted light in, offering it a certain impression of a summer sky at night. There were far too many stars, and they were too close to me. The ray stalled as I leaned out to grasp one, and the star disappeared. It was the most spectacular thing I'd ever seen. The speaker of the event used his laser pointer to demonstrate us a few mythical objects formed out of scattered stars which interconnected with each other. Ursa, Orion, Taurus, Virgo, Lepus, and Libra. One after another, the exquisite constellations were shown to us. The speaker’s voices were the only sounds we could perceive. Soft and in command. 

My palms being adorned in stars.

One hour flew by in a flash and we were soon directed to the place from where we came. 

Coming back to reality got me feeling lonely. But I guess I wasn’t the only one feeling so.

I was thirteen years old and blissfully happy and in love. With stars. 


Lately I've been thinking a lot about this day. 

Now that I am in my twenties and free, the hype for constellations has given way to the serenity of the moon. The moon appears to be witnessing everything as it transitions from full to crescent. 

It’s there. All by itself. 

Doesn’t connect with others and doesn’t get to be a part of any constellation. It is there, hauntingly comforting me to be happy with my flaws which I have many.

Moon now gives me a sense of wonderment and relief.  I am sure there might be a word for it as well.


What makes the moon so lovely?

Could it be stars or its scars?

Its incapability to generate light by itself, or its authority to make stars come to life.

What makes us beautiful as humans?

Our ability to choose between being in a condition where we can love and crave or being in a situation where we can hurt and entrap, picking up the bits broken by somebody else.

So, on which side are you?


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Aleena T Joseph
Even i have always loved the night sky. This was beautiful
Abhilash V
Wonderful Nida
Syed Owaisa
Perfect combination of words...🎀
Midhaat Nazir
This one is so beautiful.
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