Seasons in the Submarine - A quarantine Marlboro !!

by Faheem Rashid, 29th Mar, 2020
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 Typhoon Tangled Mockingbird murmurs insights:

Genre: Free style expression poetry.


   With this corona seeping in and taking serious toll of emotions for the lost ones.

I am tangled far away from any safe environment as I am in hospital premises.

That was fine too, but far from home makes it worrisome for all my well-wishers.

 What can be worse when your basic needs require a visit to hospital where its positive.

Death is inevitable, but if it occurs because of plague, obviously one avoids that place.

My brunch, dinner, coffee, tea makes me to stroll along those alleys of hot-spot.

People say prevention is better than cure, but that’s definitely not my case.

What makes it even worse is the dengue epidemic that struck lately in the vicinity.

My immediate well wishers often call me, but this 2G connection also creates havoc.

My parents are strong but how long will it last if they’ve not been able to talk regularly.

The worst part is that I have to visit offices for my visa renewal making me even more prone.

This condition just gives me an urge to hug my parents but that’s also what I can’t do.

I want to seek Almighty’s refuge, but that’s also haltered as mosques barred entry of pupil.

I can have moral support as I got some really good friends but they are self-quarantined.

I am not scared to die as I am a firm believer but dying without ritual bath just speaks itself.

Seeing people around with mask put on is satisfying but there are always miscreants around 

In nutshell, I want home not this place where if you catch common flu no one comes close.

I am worried about my batch-mate left all alone in LH with no one to take care of her.

Anyways trust Lord, He plans best for an individual. But I seek His refuge desperately.

  - Faheem Rashid. 

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A Well-written and gripping blog!
excellent bhai....well done 💞💞
Nicely articulated,I m proud of u, keep it up
1.Every stress makes u stronger than before. 2.Almighty Allahpak tests us.Have sabar. 3.Nothing is permanent. 4. Meet/ call/ knock me, i would like to help you if i can. Regards
Raiyan Husain
Pretty nice write up bruh :) I think this is great for others stuck abroad, away from home as you've said. Keep it up!
Well written bro👌
So good man
Sumairah sultan
It's really heart touching. And literally presents the pain people are goin through. Striking one although painful
Imarah Naushad
Beautifully written, well worded. 100% relatable dude. Nice job 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Well done champ!!...seems lot of pain and struggle ... wanna listen this from you after smoking weed together 👊
Fr. John Paul
Thank you dear... let me read it once again between the lines as a mockingbird.
Waseeq Ashraf
Beautifully written
Stimulating speech
Umeed Yussuf
Priya Vats
A bright , well- written , ..that holds the reader till the end...👌👌👌
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