Real talk.

by Amtul Basit, 27th Feb, 2020
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Hey everyone!

This random thought just came to my mind right now and I really feel like I should share it with you all.

So. You know how you sometimes get attached to things or people or feelings and some of them turn out to be unhealthy for you.

You know that this thing is not good for you, it's causing you stress, anxiety and just putting you in a dark place every now and then.

You get used to the hurt. It's bad and it's still hard to let go. Like these  things, they grow on you and then they become a part of you and you can't think of losing them because it would literally mean ripping off a part of yourself and...

yeah it's gonna hurt. 

You know what, real talk. It is gonna hurt.

Maybe for a day, a week, even a year.

But you have to let go, you have to let go of anything that's stressing you out so bad that you cry yourself to sleep every night, you dread waking up in the morning, you get used to dark clouds hanging above your head all the time... because it's stopping you from growing and learning to become someone who can be truly happy and someone who deserves to be truly loved for everything that you are made of. All your insecurities, strengths and weaknesses.

And I'm not gonna bang the drum of *be positive!* *seek positivity in everything!* because that doesn't always will have to go through hard times. We all do.

But only and only so that we grow.

So you know what I'm talking about when I say this,

If it ain't it, let go.

Seriously...*thank u, next* it.

It's important to be kind to your own self too guys.

I hope this helps someone out there :)


Blog posted on 27th Feb, 2020 <> around 1 year ago
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A random stranger
I could relate every single sentence. Keep inking stuff like this for people like us. *Phaan*
Maleeha Tak
Love you my baby 🐻, keep making me proud🧡!
Mariah Rishi
When are we going to read next book of yours Amtul Basit. Also the blog is beautifully written.
Peerzada Siya
Faheem, if you will see this comment; I want you to really know that "AMTUL BASIT'S book got me to print posters of her poems in my room. You guys are doing amazing"
Rafiya syed
omg!! Amtul you write beautiful. I consider you as Lieper Publication's best writer...
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