Poetic extracts

by Saheem Bukhari, 30th Jun, 2019
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Fallen leaves

People tell me you changed, indeed. But tell me that can't fallen leaves change their colour. I have an aura of love and empathy with your being . I say I love you , and you say it isn't existing . The feeling of all is turning apathetic. How long shall I wait for you , Explain?

You say you have three faces ,


You say you don't love me , Explain?

My longing for you is halting now, not because I have shut the tap of my love flow .

Ah! My dear , There was no one to whom I may narrate my anecdotes.

Don't you know I have held my height to make you tall.

Don't you know I have started crying to make you smile.

Don't you know I have shut my humour  to make you laugh.

Yeah, Indeed .

My longings are just for you.

For you my every night passes like that longing of life partner.

I passed it like a frightful night of ghosts haunting my soul deeper inside .

Is this the way of your amity. Tell me how long : I am not able to safeguard myself by the heaven like shaft of sweet memories. How long your game of thorns in the theme of hide and seek is gonna exist. Answer? You ain't?

As if I die for you , can't let my feelings dead. Your charming hands in the cloudy sky of yesterday and the indifference of today are halting my life and of course off track. Even when everywhere I shine I feel your absence . On those colourful ways , when you're lacking conspiracy hurts, and that ugly transparency shuts my words of glory. Don't you have the idea how long shall my longings exist.

The time of nostalgia is going shorter now.

The happiness is all turning dead now ,the demise of chuckles has brought up the fake laughter of ugliness. Ah! You ain't being the sweetest remedy of my aches. Why ? When I am the softest remedy to your pain.


To you

With love !

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Very good
Suhail Gulal
Wow. This is so beautifully written. The way you have took care of your flow of emotions, i Just love that. ❤👏👏 Best wishes. Waiting for more to read like this on. ❤👏👏
Really heart touching words
Love you!
Beautifully written!
Soha ahad rehman
Inspiring! Excellent work done
Basit Ali khan
Kya bolu yaar, speechless
Abreil khan
Saraa fatimah
Masha Allah Impressive
Aneesa khan
Allah bless you my dear. This is very good
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