Nothing But Autumn 🍁

by Saheem Bukhari, 31st Mar, 2020
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In an evening during a wet autumn day I was walking across the new garden of oak in Vienna. While walking across the street and singing melodies, As the Maroon coloured tired leaves were shedding down from the century-old trees in between I just saw a maroon clothed girl with a bright yellowish colour skin. The leaves were shedding in the great Hustle and a few just sticked into her golden blonde hair. 

Going closer a sniff of  distress came out of me. And I mumbled her name,"this was Carolyn Aniston. "

The days we fell apart and got our ways separated. I had made her a promise of carrying her with myself forever. 

The moments were just embracing as the dusk was passing hurriedly. The twilight was approaching and the beautiful garden almost emptied. And the moments full of glory were approaching. 

Finally she mumbled, " Dale," with a soothing tone in her voice. It almost took my breaths away. I couldn't just stand on my legs. So in the process she just summed up some courage and enthusiasm and stood still before me , "it's me Dale about whom you're longing in your dreams, and in fright we have jumped into the ocean a hundred times. " Gathering some courage I replied, " Yeah, but in the same ocean one of us died. " No Dale, She said, " It's just both of us were rescued by two different boats that went into two directions of the same ocean. I love you Dale. " She murmured. 

She said it's not important how long we live it's important that how deep we live in the hearts of each other. She said we were perhaps two ends of the same book that were allied together but could never meet. But it doesn't mean we are not together, the words of the book have connected us eternally. 

And even though we are destined to be together we'll still never meet. And you have seen in all classic and modern romance novels it's said that "We deeply fall in love with those who are not meant to be with us forever . "

Then she sniffed a lullaby :

You're the ocean of praise, 

I have lived for. 

You're the colour of autumn 

I have waited for. 

Now let the winter fade this all away. 

With the same tone she faded away from my eyes . 

Maybe until next forever. And I, with a chuckling face happily let her go. 

And I waited for death to arrive me so I could die in peace. 

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Nicole Shaw
This is cute
This is wonderful
ifrah khalil
Beautiful ❤. You never leave a chance of criticism tho.
Zaid Bin Adfar
Something one can call love♥️.
However the autumn makes me feel this season
This is extremely great and wonderful Sir!
This is awesome! Looks more like English ❤
This is beautiful
Loved this one
Aiyman Nisa
This is cute!
Toiba altaf
I m in love with this kid
I love this content but it's request to lieper that there should be filtered content to be commented! Demoralizing authors is not fine! They are kids and published after reading this all you should be proud of them. They work hard to write. Let them rise
I'm loving it
As always I just loved it
Suhail Gulal
Beautifully written. Love the flow. It reflects your storytelling qualities. Just amazing! Keep going. More power to your pen! ♥️♥️
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