Lara Jean

by Hanna Mushtaq, 31st Mar, 2020
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We sat on the rooftop and the warm blanket was snuggled around me. I had a giant coffee mug in my hand and my hair was tied up in a messy bun. I wore loose miffy shirt and my usual pajamas. 

My head rested upon his shoulder and my arms imminent to his.

"Do you sometimes feel that a heartbreak is important?" I asked as I sighed. And then, a tear originated from the depths of my heart and it rested near my eyelids. Honestly I didn't made any effort to stop it because I wanted it to flow down and tell a tale of its own. 

"You gonna break my heart Covey?" He said with a smirk on his face. 

I got up straight and gaped at him. Yes! I was amazed... amazed with what he said. Covey? He said it? He did?

"Hey! Don't look at me like that." He got up and went to the corner. There were some white boxes and a matchstick kept down on the floor.

"So you saw that? Really ? You did?"

"Don't make me blush, I just wanted to connect with you COVEY; and you were not here ." He emphasized on the name and started opening the boxes. I realised that he was ignoring my eyes because he knew if I caught him he would probably cry. And I too didn't want him to.

"Okay. No more questions but one thing only. What made you watch that movie?"

He ignored, untill I asked him again.

"Will you be quiet?" 

I leaned towards him and stood straight. He sighed and I could hear words escaping his heart from his lissom lips:

 "The moon never beams// Without giving me dreams //Of beautiful Lara Jean.

And the stars never rise// But I feel the bright eyes //Of beautiful Lara Jean"

I covered my face in ecstacy and guffawed out as it was the "perfect" moment. I couldn't say anything because my heart was already diving in love. My tears were already racing down in bliss.

We both just stared at each other. There was a raging sea in us but somehow we both chose to stay silent. 

I lit up the lanterns that were packed in that box and soon the sky was filled like a firmament.

Filled with love, filled with joy, filled with hope.

Filled with "us"

The last goodbye wasn't last as we knew we will carry each other in our hearts forever. 

As I will always be Lara Jean Covey to my Peter Kavinsky.

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Awesome♥️ @chris the name of her book is saudade of Silhouettes it's beautifully written I have read that and it still makes me cry
Muskan Javaid
A talent like this should be highlighted out. Her works on ig too are so overwhelming. I love that page
Yaar koe eska pata bata do kon he ye mereko isay pyaar ho raha hai
Hey! What's the name of her book. She is named after 13 reasons why character already! ❤
Its truly worth of appreciation. Just keep writing we all love you
Hanna Javid
I love this content! Worth reading
This content is just heart touching.
Naam nahi battavgu
Wasie tu b khaas nahi hai thodi jhootie tareef k ki to tujhai lagta hai tu hero hai, wasia bataa sopore mai guest honour k liya huxaif bukhari ki chaati thi ? aur kar instagram pai story post badvaai
Okay! Who is this girl? She is just superb with her words
Shafoora fayaz chopan
You deserve better. Unknown writer do your best
Heyyyy! This story is just Amazing 💕😍
Sumairah sultan
Heart touching story...I loved of luck
Sehar wani
This is aaaaammmmmmaaaaaaazzzzziiiinnnngggg💚💚💚
Hannah i loved it . Second part should have been uploaded too . Better lagta yeh
I'm loving it. Stay blessed
Tawsen Khurshid
Ohh! Good to know 😊 @author
Author adding
It's just inspired by those characters @mir The content is original
I love this writer ❤
Isn't from that movie adaptation from jenney han's book, 'to all the boys I have l loved before'..?
Seerat bhat
Awww♥️♥️ my heart is floating♥️♥️ so beautifully written
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