by Aqib Mir, 28th Jun, 2019
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The point that persuades me to get my first blog into the work was awed by the necessity of vague

 ideas, thoughts, or perhaps the impressions about the novel.

   The story of this story is really something that costs the interest of worth to share and to witness as well.

The idea for "ingenious loved"  happened to incur occurred while i as travelling around, and the idea 

had been old enough at the time when i actually started working on it, as was the first chapter of it 

already written for a year before.

  This idea was accompanied by 11 other ideas contrasting and diversely complex, and this in my perception

had a subtle art of interest of idea and notion.

 I started to write for it from the last year through the end of November till until April, with more than 10 hours a day with ideas with words striking and millions of sips of coffee throughout the jeopardy of winters.

      The point that needed to be mentioned was except me and a laptop nobody was in the home except a single person who helped me with appetite issues and the coffee goddess, which that helped me to abnormally get over most of the constrictions. My parents weren't home in the process of writing for some reasons and all that my schedule had was the novel and to work with the idea.

  The plot that i worked with words in the day and figuring the features and events of it in the nights of icicles of January was the deep impact that belongs to impeccable love and incomparable imagination and able stance of the character... i made and created, worked, on it to make it to stand out in the perspective interests at an incomparable level.

   For now that i'm occupied this is the maximum word limit i can give out but not without this piece of formal announcement that "INGENIOUS LOVED" has two more parts to come, so the questions related regarding and the intrigued matter of concern over the idea is and will be nourished.

    Promised........ Until next wave..... bybyee          


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lone misbah
This story is written so well,the emotional nd engaging experience... the sadness is well depicted... you have an excellent gift of carving and weaving emotions into your narrations
Fiza Zargar
Inspirational indeed.
Cute article!!
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