by Bareeka Behzad, 4th Apr, 2020
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A little dream, I dreamt
A butterfly I saw
Oh! How beautiful she was;
But vulnerability I noticed in her flights
A little away from the flutter
A little different from her companions
I kept watching her effortlessly 
She went on to the red flower
As her feet touched the flower
It wilted so ruthlessly,
as if it had been like that since days
She was scared and helpless
Flying away from the flower,
I saw her mourning on a stone
She had been strong but now it was getting difficult to exist on her own
No flower is meant for me
No flower will ever accept me 
she said
I went closer and assured her that her flower must not have bloomed yet
I don't feel like holding on she wept
The only flower that welcomed me was the rose
And it was plucked mercilessly by someone who belonged to your world
I convinced her to go for the yellow one
Pity! How disheartedly she agreed to that as red had been her only desire
She settled on that flower gracefully
As she kissed it, the flower began to brighten up, as if to present its being to her and enhancing the beauty of that little garden
I started to feel restless 
As I saw them coming to snatch away her peace that she had just started feeling
They tore her crystal like wings that were as delicate as a waterdrop
And squeezed her body with their hands
How cruel they were!
The flower bowed in sorrow
And wondered why they wished to kill every beautiful thing 
maybe they didn't know the value of what they held in their hands
or maybe it was no good for a delicate entity to exist
I had another dream
               ~ I woke up as the butterfly
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This is amazing ❤Proud to have a friend cum sister like you. Bless up Ily ❤
Amazing.. 💯💯
Such a relatable and authentic writer you are...May Allah bless you
Amazing...This is just PERFECT💯❤
Sehaj kour
Love you beeka You are a really inspiring writer And I am pretty sure that soon your name will be among the list of best writers ♥️
Hudaa bhat
Amazing 😍💯
I don't remember the last time i read something as good as this.. You writing inspires me! My pride❤
Zainab khalid
Bareeka love u a lot you r our pride (especially mine😘❤❤)
Tehreem Jan
❤️💯you write so well !
Aatif Hussain
Your words fell down my spine. Chills!! Love your content.
Rafiq Peerzada
Thanks for sharing.
Hanna Sam
Hey, just got to see the story of this blog on Instagram page of Lieper Publications. (Bareeka, if you watching this comment) I wanna tell u that you are very good at writing. I read your book. I'm waiting for the next one (hope you got on more pages to that) Love from Canada ×××
I like this story! Saw on Instagram. This is extremely wonderful.
My heart is floating. So beautifully written by the Author. Nice work getting on, hats off.
Diya Howhar
Omg. I can totally relate to it. Bareeka Mam you write very good. Hats off to you and to Lieper for getting you here. Thank you 🌸
Niceeeeeee. Wish it was stretched..
Priya Gupta
It's pretty good.
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