" I am Consciousness" A Book on " Know yourself"

by Dr. M.A Kawosa, 17th Sep, 2020
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Dear Friends,

As stated earlier, the book, " I Am Consciousness" was launched by Lieper Publication on Amazon - Kindle edition on 8th. Sept. 2020. As on date, 68 books have sold and it is receiving great reviews. I posted a few in my earlier blog. I am glad to post some more reviews here.  I convey my heartfelt thanks to those who have liked the book and made it known to so many. It definitely helps in promoting the book and consequently the idea contained therein.

Zamir Farooq
This book shows you how. Really. It’s a practical guide for busy, modern people on how to bring balance, peace, and joy into daily life. Written as a set of questions and answers, it’s easy to read and gives a clear and simple approach to life’s big questions.
Aaruhi Ajay
A must-read book to the Heartfulness way and how it can change our day-to-day lives. The author has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the Heartfulness approach and its transformative potential throughout.
Dr. Tahir Aman
This book helps to transform the glorified spiritual concepts to approachable, understandable, and feasible practices so that they become our way of life. Based on a combination of real-life case studies, the book is a sincere attempt to present deeper wisdom.
Rafiq Rehman
This is probably the most interesting book I've read so far, the writing so the book is amazing and can be easily understood. I am putting 5 stars...
Anureet Solanki
Forget that fact the it's a book aimed at people who love GOD...it's got good sound advice and is well worth the read.
Tahir Tasaduq
. I know it is a book I will read again and again and always get more from it. So much common sense, so much wisdom. Wonderful read.
Rahila Bint Ayaz
I don't want to give away too much of this book, because the way everything is explained is so brilliant and builds in layers. The way it is told is important. You can feel the kind and loving intent within every word. This book is very easy to read and understand; you really don't need advanced philosophy to move mountains of the mind.
Harpeet Kour
Great antidote to the depressing world.
Punye Taneja
The wisdom in this book has completely transformed my life, more than anything thing else I've ever read or meditated on. This book is definitely my favorite book.
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