by Aiyman Bilal Posted 9 months ago, 3199

She was walking through the lane all by herself

I could see some unendurable agony in her tumid eyes

She seemed to be on a hunt for some precious lost soul

I could see her prowling for some panacea that had been snatched away from her in a brutal way 

Her face had turned corpus-like 

I could see her giving up in the most sturdy way 

She was restive and 

I could see her looking for a grave as it would be the most tranquil place for her tired soul to rest 

She was lost and was in search of herself to fade away in a way - better so that 

Her soul could never be found again


Blog posted on 29th Jun, 2019
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Mahima Patel
So deep😍
Salman Charoo
What collection of words! Amazingly penned down
Maleeha Tak
Beautiful and the way imagery has been used here is amazing!