by Amtul Basit, 8th Apr, 2020
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I wonder what it must be like to choose how you wish to end your story.

And then to be still alive in the thoughts, nightmares, daydreams, gossips and rumours of all those you leave behind.

To be a mystery, 

A curiosity...

"I saw him the other day only! He was fine to me..."

"But she looked okay!"





Falling. Something we fear all our lives. And yet in this moment, falling is all that matters.

I fall

I make sure my eyes are wide open and facing towards the sky

I make one last cloudstellation

It's a Chinar leaf

My fingers play with the winds

And I laugh 

Oh how this sky would burn with envy

If all the blue inside me it could see

And then...splash!!!

The waters carry me in their lap

Oh no don't you worry!

All those above the surface

Are the ones that are drowning

Not me!

I twirl, I twirl

Like a ballerina 

Who finally found the dance floor...

And deeper I go

The water feels so soft against my skin

And deeper I go

My soul is a mirror

Of the darkness below...

I spread my arms

I'm flying

It doesn't hurt anymore

It doesn't hurt

I'm flying

I'm flying away...

To where pain

Will never 


Find me again...

©️amtul basit


I made up this word last year and I really really wanted to use it somewhere because I think it is so beautiful. It means making shapes with clouds just like you do with stars...(constellations)

But I'm very obsessed with clouds and too often I find myself making shapes out of them. I'm sure there are other people who do this as well.

I made this word for all of you♡

Blog posted on 8th Apr, 2020 <> around 1 year ago
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Raheela Roohi
Wow! You made me speechless,it's amazing.Its jus like a miracle..😍😍. well done
Wonderful as usual....u talent really cant b defined💕💕
Kashfiyah Malik
Exceptionally beautiful. ❤
Wow! You left me speechless, I never thought I could run out if words but here I am :) Thanks for this♥️
Saheem Bukhari
I loved it! Amtul ❤❤❤
Any and each word contiguous with my heart*⤴⤴
Well written.
Aiyman bilal
This just felt so relatable ❤️🌈
This is so beautiful ♥️
Beautiful♥👏..BIG LOVE TO YOU DEAR😘
so nice 👍
Words with depth, in contagious with my inmost happenings.Keep writing , beautiful lady🌹✨
Falling is all that matters👌. Every line is perfect.
Aliya Farooq
This is so beautiful 😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤. Keep writing 💙
So beautiful. 🖤
Very beautiful and heartwrenching * cries in cloudstellations *
Very often I think about ending this mess of a life I've been trapped into. But everytime I try, the blade is not sharp enough, the pills aren't strong enough to set me free of this unwanted bondage with life. It is so hard to make it to another day. You know, I've been so lost and scared of what I'm capable of doing to myself. If you're feeling this way, i hope you find your sun. This poem is so beautiful. It's like my own soul talking to me. Thank you for writing this. I'm saving this. 🖤🖤 And I love this word "cloudstellation" It sounds like hope and freedom. 🖤
As always, you kill with your words. Big Fan.
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