Dancing with the devil

by Hanna Mushtaq Posted 6 months ago, 2214

I read it somewhere that  “the longer you dance with the devil, the longer you remain in hell.”

You can see his burned red face, his deep black soul with giant fallen wings and the eyes of fire. May be he has only thorns to offer but you never know how your bleeding soul of imperfect love can touch the chaotic him. Somewhere in the past his halo broke into horns. How can the good die so fast? Even though he is filled with all the bad and sins, he still has a ray of good deeds. 

Dancing with the devil is not that easy, but my dear a dance so flawless filled with  someone’s love, care, honesty and grace can crave him enough desire for such an angelic heart. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing an angel and a devil fall in love with each other; the one creates destruction and the other mends it.

What can be more magnificent than loving each other with every flaw? The devil may not always be bad and cruel.. he too craves for the affection he has lost! 

Blog posted on 17th May, 2019
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