by Syed Arsalan Younus, 6th Dec, 2020
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Through the park,

Walks he

Seeing lads walking,

Holding hands of their beloved.

Mangling the leaves

Of Chinar - Amber red,

Reclining on the ground.

On the woods,

Sets he his feet on.

Hears a voice;

Blaring and cacophonous.

Ah! He again hears it.

Probably from his left,

He moves

He stops

He turns away

His feet tremble!


He has lost the way.

He runs towards the Dal.

He rows a sparkling Shikara.

Relishing the alluring scene,

Her thoughts

Flashes through his mind.

With benign breeze,

Delicately kissing his lips.

But Ah! Whatโ€™s happening?

The air turns furious,

Grazing his face,

Into shreds.

He looks down,

Water has turned red.

He wonders

Is it hue?

Or, Perhaps blood?

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Peerzada Ahnif
Great one brother! But we would like to get through some more stuff like this. Keep going. I know u can do much more better. Best of luck!
Wow.. Amazing ๐Ÿ˜
Numan salroo
I can't comment my words for ur this exceptional work.... But I just fell like i m seeing two love birds in dal lake
Noice ๐Ÿ™‚
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