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by Dr. M.A Kawosa, 14th Sep, 2020
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Dear Friends,

I have the pleasure in informing you that Lieper publication have launched the book " I am Consciousness" written by Dr.M.A. Kawosa, IFS on 8th. Sept. 2020 on Amazon- kindle store. It has received a very response and sold about 50 copies instantly. Hope it will pick up in coming days. I wish to share with you the reviews recieved .

Danket Subey
I have read more than 300+ books in my life (every genre) and honestly, this genre "Spirituality" already had fewer books and not so much helpful indeed but this book has the answers to lots of questions (unfortunately I am not so much familiar with Kashmiri Spiritual Masters but I am so into it now that i would soon start my research on it. But in nutshell this book, 'It's a medicine' for people like me...
Azra Mushtaq Noorani
This is not just a book, it's indeed a vision. Honestly, this is not a promotional review but 100% HONEST. This book is a VISION. It's a lesson. It's insightful, it's my fav Book.
Mujtaba Rehman Sofi
I am so enlightened by this book. It is really such an interesting book. Once you start reading it, it goes like water "Smooth" Beautiful Indeed, Infinite Stars!!!
Nayreen Mushtaq
A book straight from the heart. Half is finished and I can't wait to read more. All the respect to the Author.
Aisha Sameer Pandit
While reading this book I am left with so much curiosity that I am surfing google about Kashmiri Spiritual Masters and everything. This book is definitely my favorite in the genre of "Mystic/ Spiritual books" Best to the Author
Anuj Anital Jhan
I found this book by accident and while I read a few pages I understood that it was indeed a happy accident. I am mind blown and I can explain... The Author has a pure soul.
Shabir Showkat
This book is a real treasure. I mean I salute to the Author. I hope he sees this reviews and read "Dr. M A Kawosa Sir. You are a philosopher what took you so long to get this book out there" All the heath to and happiness to you.
John Lenihan
This book is just amazing and should be read by every humane being!!! A big heart felt thank you to the author and for sharing this wonderful treasure.
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Aiyan altaf
Such a kind gesture. Soon gonna read it.
Nayreen Mustaq
Ahh God. So much enthusiasm in you Dr Kawosa. I am your fan. Thank you for sharing 🌹
Anuj Anital
It is so nice of you to share our reviews. All the best wishes.
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