A letter to my little

by Hanna Mushtaq, 11th Jun, 2019
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A letter to my little♥️

Lately I have been feeling love. A love not from my family, a love not from any friend , a love not from a boy but a love from a little life. Did anyone saw her eyes? Exquisitely golden underneath those long lashes of hers as she made other squint their own. Did anyone saw her colours? Entirely the best and exactly what the world needs to be filled with. Did anyone ever held her hand? How her touch sends warmth and chills same time. Did anyone fell for her beauty?  When she rose up at dawn the sky reflected her. Did anyone saw how she melted? As the candle brightens up for others though it is dying. Did anyone ever dared to know the real her? Because I know how she feels keeping a smile though she is frowning within. 

But all these things, all these worries, all of this is doesn't define the actual you. Indeed I have seen the real rainbows and thunderstorm in you. 

I want you to remember some days will be difficult but it will never be as always. It will just be a fraction of your life, a piece of the puzzle, an era of battle , but you must continue . Even if you lose, lose proudly. I assure you it is okay. Also I love you a lot. A love that I can't measure. But a love that will always be building more and more. 

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