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The Whispered Secrets
Ali Muhammad AL- Hussaini ᛫ Poetry

About the book

The Walls of lanes slept Tradesmen have hit the hay like babies in their cradles I am left with tears flood And cheeks seem shoreless, Straight falling upon dry earth Yeh! Tears are but who cares! I am beseeching nights To find my beloved, left me here; Till the brim are two goblets filled In two hands clasped to judge One owes poison, other wine
Genre Poetry
Book type Paperback
Year of Publication 2020
Pages 174
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9788194683940

24 reviews

Mukhtar Ahmad thoker
Depicting unimaginable parts of kashmir
The book consisting safety of the nature of kashmir,
Showkat Hussain
The book makes us Travel being at home.... A well readable book..
Nissar Ahmad
Each poem speaks the existence of the author on mountains,gardens,lakes,rivers etc being home
The book is a must read.being at home it makes us walk on beautiful spots of happiness
Aly Danish
Important book
Raju patel
The book is a must read, showing how beautifully as well as poetically the pearls of my dale but now strewn..
Unearthing the Aspirations...@Krishna Murari
Last i heard, it was through knife And before, through a spoon. Knife and spoon that how it was, My familiarity with a friend of friend And now, through a charger and a collection of poems to CHARGE; My poetic feelings,here comes, Distanced by bricks and iron Closed by cemented poetic ASPIRATIONS, My new familiar unfamiliar acquaintance, Unearthing through "The Whispered Secrets" Secrets of our shirts and souls Shared STRANGENESS amidst Ali and Krishna friendly goals!
Mohammad Hussain
Take you soul on a wonderful flight. Appreciate the original yet fictious, beautiful yet brutal poems by the budding poet of our times.
Alee bin yousuf
Although not read yet, but believe me I'm looking for gaps to have time to read and reread.. passionate..
The book is praiseworthy, it makes me travel through the mountains, hills, gardens being at home... And also shows the bloody side of my valley.
A book that will uplift you emotionally and feels very close to your heart and nature. The quality of the content is exemplary and far after perfection.... I can say itz praiseworthy.. Keep
A book that will uplift you emotionally and feels very close to your heart and nature. The quality of the content is exemplary and far after perfection....I can say it praiseworthy.... Keep shining
Bilal ahmad
I am much more happy beacuse when i saw this beautiful book in my fluffy heart sun risen and i request all people who are amorist of natural beauty mostly they should consult this full informative book .
Fida Hussain...
I recommend those who indeed adore the nature,, go via this poetic book and explore the paradise on Earth with the incredible collection of natural tales . Outrightly fascinating and pretty phenomenal.
Esa Ali
All praiseworthy.....❤
Tasleem Fatima
MashaAllah so's just the beginning bro, Stay Blessed Best Wishes👍
Nice Beta Each and every time i am going impress with your writting
You have jot down it so nicely best of luck
Shahid Al Hussaini
Sir, we support you and love you always this is the door of your journey ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I would like to recommend everyone go through this book. Author of this book lucidly depicted the real journey of paradise. It really touches the heart .if anyone read once . May be his/her heart would like to read it again and again. Its very interesting and sometimes while reading the book i was imagine iam traveling to paradise. I am wandering here there in the paradise and the bouties in paradise that whispering while i foot a step that really touches my soul to foot a step ahead again.
Gowhar ali
Mashallah.... Ur pure and lofty words'll keep on echoing the lively souls..... Each n every thing is mesmerizing n put very orlderly.... May ur writings b path setting and torch bearing..... Keep on showing the masked opressions... Keep on remembering the awaited all through ur writings as u have!!! Best wishes
Thanks aga, I hav got your book. I'm going through it, It touches my heart as you have penned down about the beautiful dale( Kashmir) in a poetical way. While reading, it makes me think of the bounties bestowed by Lord, however, unfortunately they are being scattered into blood lanes. A big hand to you.. I wish you to write more
Poetic Heaven
Imaginary Visit of heaven... Nice one
Speaks volumes
It expresses how beautifully the Kashmir...a must read book

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