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The Lords of the Indian Subcontinent (Ancient Times)
Aasim Shah ᛫ History

About the book

This book gives an overview about the rulers of the Indian Subcontinent who ruled over the Indian mainland and Pakistan in a rough chronological order during ancient times. It talks about how they ruled, their conquests, their achievements and their failures. It also sheds light on the socio-economic and religious culture of the people in those times. It gives us an idea about the state of art, literature, culture and civilization.
Genre History
Book type Paperback
Year of Publication 2020
Pages 256
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9788194683964
Dimension 5.8

7 reviews

Sehrish Mushtaq
Loved this book. Its really helpful in academics. Great work, waiting for the second book.
Iram Peerzada
Worth buying, Amazing work.
Prof. Hasina
well written manuscript and well maintained chronological order.
Suzain Jha
This is a perfect read for those who live in the subcontinent and want to know the history of their motherland.
Ishtiyaq farooqui
So much history put perfectly forth. A must read!!!!
Irfan Bhat
Interesting read!!! This book definitely has found some missing parts of history and put them in the timeline.
Dr. Qurat jabeen
Beautifully written and provides details and some insights that were never touched before. So far I reached to chapter 6 and hope will find the rest fascinating too.

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