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The Fallen Chinar (I refuse to sink)
Mashood Rather ᛫ Poetry

About the book

Night passed in bringing dreams home come alive and die, stars like maniacs twinkled and smirked. Runing in the streets wild Collecting the fallen tears _useless burning the tears to smoke.
Genre Poetry
Book type Paperback
Pages 56
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9788193913260
Dimension 5.8

11 reviews

Mir Raafiyah
One of the best poetry books... Great job my Mashood Ahmed Rather Rise and Shine
Saadat Khan
I burst in tears while I read this poem. Some of the poems are so deep, they just go into the heart. Such a strong voice. I loved the book. I will pass the word of mouth to many!
Faiq Khan
One of the best poetry books compared to all the poetry books I have read in the past few months. I will give it a 4.5 star.
Irfana Hazari
It would sound like a spoiler alert for readers but this book is for people who literally have deep emotional feelings. This book holds some beautiful touch of poetry. I wish all the success to the Author.
Iram Mehr
At the pace, Lieper Publication is going many people are extremely confused but their growth but I think if anyone wants the answer to that, they should read their books and I suggest 'The Fallen Chinar' It's Quality!
Momin Mehraj
This book has left a mark for sure. It has not only touched the conflict but everything I suppose! 4.5 from me!
Meeran Fayaz
I finished the whole book in 2 hours, I could have finished it early but some poems like 'Autumned eyes, Let tragedies dance, Little orifices' I got into thinking! Amazing work! 5 star!
Priya Kumar Dutta
I have traveled to Kashmir and witnessed the beauty. Autumn season is my favorite and I came across a poem 'Autumn in Kashmir' I burst in tears. I will definitely give you a 5 star and I will request my good friend Faheem, to get a signed copy from me!
Mirza Aaqib
I picked this book from its dedication page that quotes; dedicated to all those who met horribly altered charisma <3 This book indeed a beautiful collection of poems!
Anjul Riyaz
Pointing out the obvious from this book; quality over quantity. The young poet has proven that. Brave!
I personally have a different opinion regarding this book 'The Fallen Chinar' by an 18-year-old poet Mashood Rather. People obviously will take to the poems of this book but I would like to acknowledge the 'Preface' of this book. The Preface will give you a clear concept of the purity of this book. GREAT WORK!

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