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Saudade Of Silhouettes (longing of the lost)
Hanna Mushtaq ᛫ Short-Story

About the book

While some of us fear death, there are people who embrace it. Death doesn’t end your life but gives another world to your soul. Kiara waits in an unknown silence with fingers entwined waiting to meet the one her heart ached all life. But falling apart is ridiculous for the one who has already fallen. Her life is indeed a journey of pain and miseries. She recalls all the piquant memories as she awaits for love to meet her.
Genre Short-Story
Book type Paperback
Year of Publication 2019
Pages 57
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9788194113201

4 reviews

Parineeti singh
The book itself is a journey of emotions and love. Surely a must read. Loved the concept and the way it highlights ones feelings.
Shah iram
I just loved the story. It's really heart touching and emotional. At the end it made me cry. Even if you are not a book lover you are going to love this book after going through the story. 💘
Momin mir
One of favourites ,story is so Touching ,once you read it you can't think of anything else 🔥🔥
Niffat sajad (Reported)
One of the best book... Unique n heart touching story Once u will read it u too will learn lot of things

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