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Hold me
Ayman Binte Bilal ᛫ Fiction - Novel

About the book

This book is a work of fiction which revolves around a girl Naima, who has lost her parents and now an unexpected disease has threatened her life. This story proves that nothing in this world can be expected. Your destiny will find it’s way to reach you and hold on to you, as Almighty is the best planner.
Genre Fiction - Novel
Book type Paperback
Year of Publication 2021
Pages 69
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9789393204042
Dimension 5.8

14 reviews

Dr. Shameem Tariq
So first of I am really glad that Faheem suggested me this book. I am stunned at seeing this young teenage girl with the courage. This is book is so raw that it made me cry and i had promised to myself that i would leave a review. Ayman Bilal has some serious understanding and observation of life. I gave this book to my daughter and she was so inspired that she has promised me to write a book and her inspiration would be this young little Author. I wish her all the luck and health. Stay blessed by Child. Allah give you many more books to write and inspire us.
Mukadas Salman
There's absolutely nothing not to love about it. The cover of the book is so soft and aethestic. Every bit of the verses has life in them. I highly recommend purchasing it! One could just pick up the book and finish it in one go. Very aethestic and easy to understand. Beautiful work. I would be giving her 5 stars for her efforts and we are proud of seeing young kashmiri's writing books. It's inspiring.
Hamza Abbas Rehman
I haven't read many books in my life (unfortunately) and when I read this book "Hold me" I felt like I can easily understand it and really wasn't expecting much around it but i have to say that she has done a really wonderful job. Could easily connect with the story. I will read if anytime soon she publishes her another book. God bless. Bright future.
Muntaha Sani
I don't want to give away too much of this book, but I would like to point out the innocence this book has for sure. You can feel the kind and loving intent within every word. This book is very easy to read and understand. I would suggest people to read it.
Midhaat Syed - Bookish
Best Things About This Book : 1. Simple story with a really nice touch of flow. 2. Story moves at a gripping pace and the chracters are moving along. 3. Characters are pretty to easy to understand. Overall AYMAN has wrote a nice book. Hope she continues writing. Good luck
Preeti Koul
I got a chance to read this book out of an accident (kindle accident, if you may) and I was sort of fascinated and also worried that what would a 17 year be having in her book and I started reading it immediately. I would like to regardless of content (which was pretty good) I was before that inspired by this little writer of how strong and full of courage she is. This book is a good quick read. I am so happy for these young writers. Proud of her, Keep writing and keep inspiring.
Waseem Ahmad Jan
Every word of this book gives a new meaning to the reader. And I urge to everyone read this book... further so that your knowledge may increase. Full of emotions and inspiration.
Liked the plot of story .Had a great time reading it .It was giving out more real essence .
Aamir manzoor khan
I read the book in a very slow manner out of curiosity and it payed well to each and every awesome twist in the srory …I really applaud the writer to bring life to the fictional characters, at point it seems as self seen story…….Good wishes for your future endeavours and carry on your good work
Sheikh Saba
The writing was captivating,the characters were believable,the plot had some twists,I couldn't put the book down...I look forward to your writing.... Allah bless you ❣️
Great talent, a fictious story but very emotional
All mighty is the best planner. Great story
A story that indeed made me cry.Kudoos to the writer
Just amazing Love the way u write

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