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Fib of a Dreamer
Junaid Altaf ᛫ Novel

About the book

Fib of a Dreamer is a story of a young boy Ayan and his conviction of leading his life against all odds. He had it all- friends, family, and above all love. He watches it fall apart bit by bit. As the story unfolds, Ayan's resilience to fight for his love and life defying the barriers of caste, status, money, and more come to the foreground. Will he succumb to the miseries of his life or would he win it over? Find out.....
Genre Novel
Book type Paperback
Year of Publication 2020
Pages 109
Publisher Lieper Publication
ISBN 9788194683933

7 reviews

صائمہ حمید
Dear Junaid , You've literally done justice to this novel . The story of this novel is worthy of taking lessons. Thanks a bunch for making me realize the value of various things in life . May Allah SWT make you taste success at every step of your life . Regards ❣, Saima Hamid
The book 'Fib of a dreamer ' is marvellous! Filled with elegant thought process. It takes the reader's attention towards umpteen things! Zara and Ayan are the testimonial of admiration. This book is amalgmation of thoughts and classy vocabulary! It highlights the basic structure of society which is yet to get evolved. Keep it up ! Eager to see more ones!!
Tanveer Habib
Fib of a Dreamer is written in the Pamukian style where love is the theme. Written in a simple and lucid way, the book tells us the life of Ayan, the protagonist, changes when he loses the love of his life- Zara. He battles poverty, addiction to alcohol and smoking, and death of his father and emerges victorious in the end. He even gets his land back. The only regret he has is that he couldn't get his Zara. Though the past memories haunt him, he manages to channelize his pain and becomes a family man taking good care of Zainab and Amina, his mother and sister. A good read. Waiting for a sequel....
Nowsheen Nargis
Fib Of a Dreamer by Junaid Altaf. This book is full of joy, sorrow and motivation and has extremely powerful story with true emotions... I highly recommend this book to everyone.
James Augustos
This book is awesome dude.. I m waiting for your another novel. This story gets fitted in everyone's situation...
Zahid Fayaz
This book is really awesome. I was personally so much impressed to read the book. The sub plotsof this novel is so perfectly woven on the main plot that it just amazed me that how did a 21 yr old young boy did it.
Shaziya Rafiq
Nice Book.

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