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Gousia Ajaz Khan
The author of the book “Thorn in your throat” namely GOUSIA AJAZ KHAN born and brought up in Kashmir has completed her bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering and at present is working in a Software Research Company. She loves expressing her thoughts in the form of writing while trying to inspire and motivate people through her words. According to her, many people share a same story and in silence they are fighting their battles. She strongly believes that words carry the divine power of healing that can change a person’s life and penning down her thoughts is her way of spreading positive vibes among her readers. She firmly accepts and believes that life is a beautiful struggle and one should deal with it patiently and with fierce determination. Giving up on things is not an option but facing the failures without any hesitation is what mends you into a successful and persistent one and really keeps you going. Also when you keep on motivating people around you then you are doing yourself a favor too. One day you will see yourself coming out of biggest troubles that you never thought of, because the positive energy with which you were boosting up their lives was somewhere developing inside you also. Always keep a pragmatic approach towards your life whether it’s hard or smooth.
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