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Faheem Magray
I am Faheem from Achabal of South Kashmir and I was born to a teacher couple some eighteen years back. Since the beginning, I had this kick of writing in my head. I used to stretch pencils on walls, calendars, my dad's notepad, on my sister's books and anything I found continuous. But never had I ever wrote for the sake of writing. My notebooks were either filled by my siblings or by father himself. The only times I would take pleasure in writing was when I ought to impress my creative writing teachers. Initially, it wasn't the writing that I had chosen for myself but it was always there in my intuitions. It isn't really easy for me to go with the flocks making you believe that it's your heart which is leading the crew. I'm an introvert and this projection of me is kind, grateful, pleasant yet startled and taxing. I love ideas, music, animals and the love itself. I've two gorgeous cats and my aunt calls me a CatDad. My friend Mubashir calls me the cynical love retro because of my offbeat loving habits. Now, here trying not for anyone else but Me as I believe working for ones art is working for the whole world, I hope you find the book truthful and worthy of spending your time upon. Thank you.
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