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Dr. Sehar Kanyu
Dr. Sehar Mushtaq Kanyu, the author of this book, was born & brought up in Srinagar, Kashmir. She is a medical doctor by profession and also holds a degree in Islamic Sciences. She is a believer in, “For indeed with hardship will be ease. Indeed with hardship will be ease.” (Quran 94:5-6). With which she continues to rise, fall, fall, fall and rise again in life. She has academic publications in journals to her credit and has previously authored the book, Evolet: Unspoken Cogitations, which received a lot of love. She was the former Spokesperson of the doctors association and is an active blogger. While being a faculty member at a reputed medical college in Bangalore, she thrives and lives through the beautiful vision of her father ‘to be the leader she was born to be’ in all times of toughness, of struggles, of mirth, of storms. In shaAllah....
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