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Ansab Malik
Ansab Ahmad Malik from Yaripora Jammu and Kashmir is a teenage writer who is presently studying in class 11th. In spite of being a medical student he has got his interest in writing as he thinks that it is one of the best ways by which one can share his of her opinion and views. Considering writing to be a good friend in solitude, he spends some of his time writing. He is of the opinion that spending some of the time alone away from the family and friends helps one to concentrate on one’s inner self and explore it and then trying to express what one feels about his surroundings and about the life. This helps one to stretch one’s mind to broaden the thinking. This way one is in a position to produce a good writing to convey to the reader what he feels. Malik says that studying and getting information for writing this book was very hard but if you are determined then nothing can keep you away. He believes in writing something that can help people seek some knowledge.
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